Bruno Munari. A collective exhibition.
Ensayo / septiembre 5, 2022

Corraini editore, 2003. Libro-artefacto que pensaba que sería, o bien un catálogo de una exposición de Munari o algo parecido y que sin embargo está a medio camino entre la poesía, los recuerdos autobiográficos, momentos fotográficos y todo bastante bien hilado. He aprendido poco sobre Munari pero he disfrutado mucho leyéndolo. Muy bueno. In traditional nature paintings each shape and colour has its own proper place. The blue of the sky is always in the background, the houses are in the foreground and can’t be moved. In “negative-positive” painting all the shapes and colours in the composition can be brought to the front, like a colour that we are seeing here in front of us now, we can imagine it as a background colour. For the first time the colours in the painting are moving backwards and forwards at the wish of the observen But what’s the point says Joe Bloggs? The point is it gets the imagination working, helps us to see things in different ways.